Sunday, April 13, 2014

I Can Read Simple Sentences (Set 2)!

I am so happy to have finally finished our I Can Read Simple Sentences NO PREP  (Set 2) Packet!   This packet was a labor of love and took a lot longer than I would have thought, but I am absolutely THRILLED with the end result!  I wanted to make a packet that would successfully follow I Can Read Simple Sentences NO PREP Set 1 in a cohesive manner.  This packet is perfect for early readers who have mastered simple CVC words and/or struggling readers who need extra practice with blends and digraphs.

I Can Read Simple Sentences Set 2 works with blends, digraphs and primer sight words.  The words and sentences in this packet have been carefully chosen to help build both CONFIDENCE and FLUECY.   Each blend and digraph has short vowel sounds to help students confidently progress from simple CVC words (short vowels) to blends and digraphs with short vowel words. Set 3 (coming soon) will include long vowels and also incorporate the blends and digraphs, which allows students to bring it all together one step at a time.  There are over 500 DIFFERENT simple sentences in this packet!

Here are the activities included in the
  I Can Read Simple Sentences NO PREP (Set 2) Packet!
*10 Roll and READ Simple Sentences
An interactive and FUN game kids will love! Roll a die, read and check off a sentence in the corresponding row.  Each page has a total of 24 different sentences.
-5 Beginning Blend Pages
-1 Digraph Mixed
-2 ck Digraph pages
-1 sh Digraph page
-1 th Digraph page

*10 Spin and READ Simple Sentences
Kids will love spinning the spinner with a paperclip and pencil and reading a sentence from the corresponding section.  Reading becomes a GAME, not just mundane practice! This game can also be played with a partner or individually.  There are a total of 16 different sentences on each page.
 Set 1 - Beginning Blends
Set 2 - Beginning Blends
Set 3 - Beginning Blends
Set 4 - Beginning Blends
Set 5 - Ending Blends
Set 6 - Ending Blends
Set 7 - Beginning Digraphs
Set 8  Beginning Digraphs
Set 9 - Ending Digraphs
Set 10 - Ending Digraphs

Tic-Tac-Toe Simple Sentences
Played just like the traditional game, but with simple sentences on each space.  Put them in a sheet protector, give kids a dry erase maker and you have a FUN way to practice reading simple sentences!  There are 9 unique sentences on each page.
Set 1 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Beginning Blends
Set 2 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Beginning Blends
Set 3 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Beginning Blends
Set 4 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Beginning Blends
Set 5 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Beginning Digraphs
Set 6 - Tic-Tac-Toe with Ending Digraphs

Read and Match Simple Sentences
1 Page of cut and paste the picture to match the simple sentence!

Spin, Read and Write Simple Sentences
Kids will love spinning the spinner, reading and using a word from the spinner to complete a sentence on the page.  There are a total of 20 unique sentences (2 pages).

You can check out this packet here and grab it on SALE

You can also check out
I Can Read Simple Sentences NO PREP (Set 1 ), which works with pre-primer sight words and simple CVC words.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

In the Garden Critter Counters Giveaway!

It is time for another fun giveaway from Learning Resources!  Spring is here and I am so happy to have these adorable, brightly colored In the Garden Critter Counters for the girls and a set to give away!

Hands-on manipulatives are very important to many of our learning routines and these are just too cute! I was super excited to be able to review them because I knew they would be a huge hit!  In fact, there was a bit of fighting going on when we first took these critters out…but we won't talk about that.

What is included:
*72 counters that come in 6 different shapes and colors
Critters include:
- dragonflies
- snails
- grasshoppers
- caterpillars
Both of my girls, 4 and 6, LOVED this set!  
For Sophia, we used them to practice patterns

 We even pulled out a pair of tongs that we had to help build up those fine motor skills.
The pattern:
slug, snail, grasshopper, spider, 
 slug, snail, grasshopper, spider...
We sorting by color and then by flying and non-flying critters...

Audrey used them for a basic introduction to fractions. She picked out 10 critters and we started to group them and write fractions about each grouping!  This went VERY well and really helped solidify this concept.

Now for a chance to win a set of these ADORABLE In the Garden Critter Counters!  Just use the Rafflecopter below to enter!

Sunday, March 30, 2014

I Can Read Simple Sentences Set 1 NO PREP Packet!

I am SO, SO excited about our new I Can Read (Simple Sentences Set 1) NO PREP Packet!

This packet is perfect for BEGINNING readers, EARLY readers and/or STRUGGLING readers! I wanted to create a packet that would help kids build CONFIDENCE and FLUENCY through sight word recognition and CVC (short vowel) word families. 

This packet does NOT include words that would require a kid to GUESS at reading.  The words and sentences in this packet rely on sight word recognition of all pre-primer sight words and  the ability to decode simple short vowel words.  There are over 500 DIFFERENT simple sentences in this packet, which really gives kids an opportunity to practice and master simple sentences!

Here are the activities included in the I Can Read Simple Sentences  NO PREP Set 1) Packet!

I Can Read it and Match it!
These pages include simple sentences that students cut out, match and paste under the correct picture.  There are about 12 different simple sentences on each page.

 I Can READ and DRAW Simple Sentences
The read and draw pages include a simple sentence where students can draw a picture to match the sentence. These pages help create ownership of their reading since they are drawing a picture to match the sentence.

Spin and Read Simple Sentences
These pages are like a game for kids!  To create the spinner,  use a paperclip and pencil, flick the paperclip with your finger and choose a simple sentence to read in that column.  If students read the sentence correctly, they can check off the box.  This "game" can be played individually, with a partner or in small groups.  Each student will use a different colored marker/crayon to check of their sentence.  What a FUN and effect way to work on reading fluency! Each page include 14 DIFFERENT simple sentences.

Roll and Read Simple Sentences!
Here is another "game" that students will absolutely LOVE!  Pull out a die, roll it and read a simple sentence in the correct column! This game is very similar to the Spin and Read. There are a total off 33 simple sentences on EACH page!

I Can READ Simple Stories!
There are a total of 10 simple stories that are PERFECT for helping kids decode simple CVC words and recognize sight words!  Again, there are NO words that will require kids to guess at. 

This packet covers 500+ simple sentences for kids build FLUENCY and CONFIDENCE!

If you like this packet, be sure to check out our Emergent Readers, which also incorporate simple sentences! 

It is on SALE today along with everything else in our store!

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 2

We officially finished Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 2! We are worked through the units very slowly, enjoying each moment!  The hands-on and interactive approach really makes the journey FUN for both of us!  If you are new to the Ready2Read program, you can see the information page {HERE}.

In this post you will see Ready2Read Level 1 Unit 2 in action! Not all of the printables are shown, but enough to give you a general idea of how the unit works.  You can see Unit 1 in action {HERE}.

Unit 2 Sight Words: can, you, look, up, is
Unit 2 Word Families: -ip and -ig
*Detailed Daily Lesson Plans Included!
You can get Unit 2 HERE or grab the BUNDLE and save 20%!

Our Color by Word family page was FUN!  Kids love to color and this really meets that need! 
Sounding out each word on the page takes a little effort...
I think I got it!
She realized that she made a mistake on one of the words, but she quickly corrected it...

She was SO proud of her ability to color and read ALL of those words!
The little mini readers are great for practicing the word families and sights from the unit...
This little Moffatt Girl really gets into coloring the mini-book!  

We practice reading these little books over and over again!  This is so important and such a confidence builder!
Dot the correct word! It is always more FUN with Bingo Dabbers!

Decorating our sight words is always a favorite activity!  Squeezing those glue bottles are so good for building fine muscles needed for writing…
"Oh…I think I am going to do polka dots and glitter!"
Bring on the messy glitter!
**Glitter Tip**
If you rub a fabric dryer sheet (like Bounce) on the table BEFORE you use the glitter, it makes it so it doesn't stick!  
There are so many different ways to decorate your sight words.  We have used popcorn, stickers, beans, and cake decorations.  It really makes it FUN and interactive!

Coloring the sight words caterpillar pieces, which will be added to our Ready2Read wall!

Read it, Trace it, Paste it pages provide an opportunity to use the sight words and word families in a complete sentence.
Cutting, which is another important fine motor skill...
Pasting in the correct order….

Tracing the words...
This was a HUGE success!  Most kids LOVE ice cream and this unit allows kids to build a word family ice cream cone for the -ig and -ip families.
We did this activity reveal times!
Total concentration as she sounds out each word on the ice cream scoop...

She was eager to see which ice cream cone would have the most scoops on it...

Eight scoops for each word family.  "Again, again!" she cried!
I think she really liked this activity ;)

Stamping up sight words is always so much fun and a little messy ;)
Letter by letter, it really helps kids learn to SPELL sight words...

Even the oldest Moffatt Girl helped her sister find the letters needed to help stamp her words...
Bingo Dabbers again!  First you turn over a card and read the word.  Then you find the word on the page and color or "dab" the word.
She really likes this activity.  So simple, but so much fun!
Read it, find it, dab it!
Keeping it FUN!
She wanted to make sure that she was dabbing the correct word!
 She read it two times before dabbing the word...
One word at a time, building CONFIDENCE and FLUENCY!
I like to put our word family cards in a pocket chart.  This allows us to revisit and reread the words.  I also have her throw a crumbled up piece of paper at the chart.  Whatever she hits, she reads.  If she reads it correctly, she keeps it.  Learning to read becomes a GAME!
Picture Word Match!  We play this "game" a few times because it is so much fun!

Here is the -ig family spider, which will be added to our Ready2Read wall.  
We practice reading all of the words before we add it to the wall and we also practice after they are on the wall.
She was so happy to add another word family flower to her garden!
Reading the words on the flower...

Word and Picture Match with the -ig family words...

Singing our sight words to the tune of B-I-N-G-O…
The Color by Sight Word Page is always a huge hit!

 She wanted me to print ANOTHER one! Melt my Mommy heart!
 She is trying SO hard to print her sight words correctly!  I LOVE that she is proud of herself!
 Word Slides for the -ip Family…

 She cracked me up when she said, "These are like elevators for words!"
 Word Slides for the -ig family...
Our Ready2Read Wall and her Reading Certificate for Unit 2!

Word Family Sorting Popsicle Sticks!
This is not in our Ready2Read program, but just an additional way to work with words.
 I just wrote the 2 word families on the craft sticks and had her sort them...
 So simple, yet so fun and effective!
 In my humble opinion…
This is learning at its best!

We also pulled out the play dough and stamped our sight words for this week…
Our Sight Word Tablets are always a fun way to reinforce the sight words and practice identifying words in a variety of printed and published styles…

I LOVE what Jamie wrote about our Ready2Read program: 
I started using Level 1 this year and love it! Since beginning 2 weeks ago, four of my lowest kids have gained 20 sight words and moved up reading levels.  This is more progress than they have made all year.  My kindergarten colleagues were so impressed, they are wanting to get it for their struggling students too. "

Here is what is included in Unit 2…
Or get The Bundle for 20% off!

Additional Resources that we are using with this Ready2Read Level:
*Sight Word Tablets (pre-primer version)

Enjoy the journey and keep it FUN!

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